The Chris Hemsworth ‘dementia gene’ raises risk of Alzheimer’s ten-fold, one in 50 of us have it

Avengers star Chris Hemsworth is taking a break from acting after learning he has a genetic quirk that puts him at a much higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s. While filming a new National Geographic docuseries for Disney+, called Limitless, which explores the impacts of time and age, Hemsworth, 39, took a series of genetic tests. … Read more

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Start day with a walk, eat breakfast hour later and opt for ‘eccentric’ exercise

Just One Thing is a series of quick, simple and scientifically-proven ways to improve health and wellbeing devised by Daily Mail columnist Dr Michael Mosley.  He’s compiled them in a new book which the Mail began serialising yesterday, with advice such as drink a glass of water with every meal.  The tips don’t require a … Read more

Run to think clearly, swim to reduce anxiety: How different exercises improve your mental health

From sweating on a run, to shaking it out in a dance class and scoring a goal in soccer, they all do wonders for the mind. The physical effects of exercise are obvious by now, but the boosts to mental health can often be underestimated.   Studies show regular exercise can pull people from the depths … Read more

My Fitness Pal review: Can it help you lose weight?

We all deal with the onset of middle age in various ways. Some of us buy sports cars. Others embark on an Eat, Pray, Love-inspired journey of self-discovery. I decided to finally lose some damn weight. My goal was simple: Drop around 60 pounds by eating less and exercising more. In order to achieve this, … Read more

Live updates: Biden to announce new sanctions against Russia

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden plans to announce new sanctions against Russia on Thursday while in Brussels for meetings with NATO and European allies, according to a top national security aide. Biden, who will take part in a special meeting of NATO and address the European Council summit, is also expected to underscore efforts to … Read more