The 2022 Men’s Health Fitness Awards

Gone are the days when “treadmill or elliptical” was your biggest gym debate. These days, you have far more options. From sandbags and dumbbells to mountain bikes and gravel bikes and e-bikes, there’s always a piece of fitness gear to help you get moving (and have fun, too!).

The challenge: Finding the fitness gear that actually works. For every ultra-addictive connected fitness machine, there’s a device that simply doesn’t live up to its billing and is destined to land in the corner of your garage, doubling as a coat rack instead of a sweat station. That’s why MH and our team of expert coaches and trainers sweat-tested the best new fitness products, searching for the ones that can truly help you reach your goals.

Our full rundown of picks will help you be your fittest self, whether you’re aiming to get fast, get strong, or get wild in the great outdoors.


get faster


water world

The right swim gear can push you to a new PR—and make every water workout way more comfortable.


get wilder


wheels up

After taking a bunch of new bikes for rides, this is how we’ll roll into 2023.


get stronger


recover smarter

Your ability to build muscle, ease soreness, and bounce back for your next workout requires effort, too. These picks make that easy.


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